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Karl has worked in the film business for many years and has established himself as one of the top storyboard artists  on the East Coast. As can be seen from his credit list, he has worked on many prominent feature films, television productions and commercials. He has also served as a conceptual illustrator, most noteably for Frances Ford Coppola. A filmmaker himself, Karl began storyboarding while attending the NYU Graduate Film Program. He has directed two award-winning short films and is currently in production on his first feature film. For Karl's directing work, please visit: www.redroadfilms.net.


Prior to entering the film business, Karl briefly studied architecture and has been drawing since before he could stand up. His diverse visual background enables him to bring unique and vivid ideas to any facet of production. Be it storyboards, set sketches, or full color conceptual renderings, he can bring your vision to life.


Karl attended Kenyon College in Ohio as an undergraduate where he majored in studio art. He is originally from Austin, Texas.